Practice Protect is trusted by thousands of Australian Accountants and works with all cloud accounting apps including

Australian cyber-crime is growing 35% year-on- year.
And small businesses account for 60% of reported losses*...

A recent article in The Sydney Morning Herald claims that five hundred tax file numbers are hacked every day

Reported cyber-crime has grown more than 35% annually since 2015. Are you protecting your business from data theft?

  • The law has got tougher on data custodians (Like You) In February 2018, mandatory breach reporting legislation came into effect. If your Accounting firm leaks data, you are obligated (by law) to notify your clients and the government. Australian firms are also impacted by EU GDPR laws.
  • Your IT company can’t control how your staff manage passwords 67% of reported breaches in 2018 were due to human error or passwords being compromised. Data security is no longer about intrusion where technical hackers break through your firewalls or servers.It’s far easier to trick than hack, and hackers now target peoples passwords directly.

Practice Protect has certified these Accounting firms as following Cloud Best Practice

Worry no more. Practice Protect locks down your Accounting firm in three ways:

YOU access a

Secure Software Platform

…designed specifically to protect the cloud data of Accounting firms

YOUR TEAM gets protection with

Training and a legal compliance document package

…so your liability is limited, your staff are aware and third parties are responsible when handling your clients’ privacy

YOUR FIRM get access to

Industry-Standard Certifications

…demonstrating your commitment to world-class cloud data security

Part One: Introducing

The Practice Protect Software Platform

Designed Specifically For Accountants

Practice Protect’s software platform is trusted by thousands of Australian Accountants as the easy way to manage passwords, control access and protect data online. It’s designed specifically for Accountants, protects over 500 common Australian accounting applications,and includes…

  • One Portal and One Password For All Your Applications

    End password frustration. Practice Protect gives your team fast, easy, and secure access to all your applications through one secure dashboard.

  • Prevent Unauthorised Password Resets

    Practice Protect can divert unauthorised password reset emails to your nominated password manager, preventing team members from circumventing the policies you’ve put in place.

  • Password Reset Control

    Practice Protect allows non-technical practice managers to grant, change and revoke access to all applications with a single click.

  • Optional Two-Factor Identification

    Practice Protect can send a second code directly to your phone or email address as a ‘double login’ for ultimate security.

  • Office Only Access

    GEO Locking blocks all entry from overseas scammers and lets you customise access for all users including applications, access times and locations.

  • Suspicious Activity Notifications

    Know instantly if someone is trying to break into your firm with notifications around irregular times, locations or repeated failed password attempts.

  • Control Access by Home Based, Outsourced and Offshore Teams

    Restricts offshore workers to the specific IP address of their office or BPO location so they can’t access your accounts outside of work.

  • Works With Xero, Quickbooks and all other Cloud Accounting Apps

    No need to change the applications you use – Practice Protect works with Xero and more than 50 Australian accounting applications.

  • Complete Access Visibility

    Practice Protect tracks access to applications so you have a log of who accessed what from where for compliance. Just like a local server used to!

  • Your Own Dedicated Account Manager

    Getting started with Practice Protect is quick and easy. Your personal Account Manager will set everything up, provide clear training for you, your IT company and your team, and is always available with ongoing live support.

Part Two: Get done for you tools,policies, training & certification to

Demonstrate your capability as a responsible data custodian

By using the Practice Protect cloud security platform, your firm has real and demonstrable technology protections in place making you eligible for industry best practice legal policies, services and certifications.

  • Certify your firm and give your team the right training and tools to keep data safe

    Practice Protect provides education and updates on current and potential Cloud Security risks to the Accounting Industry. These are done at an individual stakeholder level or a group webinar format for teams. This provides all team members of an Accounting Firm the opportunity to understand the risks, responsibilities and solutions to protecting client and firm data.

  • Get the right legal protection policies for your firm

    With over $20,000 worth of valid and current legal collateral you will limit your firm’s liability for third parties that require access to your client data such as outsourced or offshore team members, IT providers and contractors. Get a certified breach response plan backed by specialist cyber-security legal professionals, available on-demand for emergency breach response situations. Access additional protection with a genuine 20% discount on cyber insurance with Accountancy Insurance

Part Three: Demonstrate Your Data Security Standards With

The Practice Protect “Cloud Best Practice”

When your firm passes our Cloud Best Practice certification, you’re qualified to display a “badge of honour” on your website and other client communicationscollateral.

Cloud Best Practice (CBP) Certification is the endorsement provided by Practice Protect that acknowledges an Accounting Firm has implemented technology, policies, and team training that ensures they are adhering to Cloud Best Practice. It’s a certified demonstration to your clients that you take their data seriously. CBP Certification comprises of 3 components: Technology, Policies and Team Training. A firm will receive CBP Endorsement upon successful completion of an audit regarding the following items:

  • A list of nominated “at risk applications”
  • Whole Firm PPO rollout
  • All Firm Users accessing “at risk applications” through PPO platform
  • Implementation of recommended policies based on Security Consultation
  • Nominated Password Manager has completed training
  • Completed team training regarding Mandatory Breach Reporting and data protection

Here's what real Australian Accountants think

We currently run 25 cloud applications. Before Practice Protect we had to manually update every single application every time a staff member joined or left the team. To be honest, it was ad hoc – no real checklist or routine which was prone to risk. With Practice Protect we can keep everything up-to-date and secure with one single update.

Jamie JohnsCEO Sky Accountants

As our cloud applications grew, so did our number of passwords. I started using the same password on multiple applications. But I knew that wasn’t very secure. And it became a nightmare when they needed to be updated at different times. I ended up storing notes in my phone to keep track. It was also challenging to add or remove users as staff and external suppliers changed. With Practice Protect we have justone password. And adding or removing users takes just one click. Practice Protect is the best. They were recommended to us by a number of Accountants. And now I recommend them to others.

Mark SaidCEO and Founder MKS Group

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Get Your Data Security Checklist & Fact Sheet and Make Sure Your (and Your Clients’) Data Is Secure

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It's Easy To Get Started With Practice Protect

Step One: Request your FREE Cloud Security Consultation with one of our specialists.

Request your obligation free discussion by clicking the link below or calling 1300 010 114.

Step Two: A cloud security consultant will call you back to qualify your firm.

Your consultation will be over the phone, and we’ll share our computer screen so you can see exactly what we’re talking about, in real time.

Step Three: Your consultation will take place, at a time that works for you.

Firstly, we’ll talk about your firm. We’ll work out if you may have any potential data leaks. And then we’ll give you a demonstration of the Practice Protect software, in real time. You’ll see exactly how it works and how it improves your data security and improves efficiency in your firm. We’ll also walk through our Cloud Best Practice certification program, our training and done-for-you policy services.

Step Four: If you wish to proceed, we’ll quickly onboard your firm.

We do the heavy lifting for you in applying the simple security controls to certify your firm as CBP in our award winning onboarding process. Your staff will have convenient access deployed within 5 days.

Step Five: Your Firm Is Secure AND CERTIFIED. Worry no more.

We provide your certification and collateral.