Cloud Best Practice Endorsement: CERTIFIED Data Privacy Protection for Accounting Firms

  • Over $20,000 worth of valid and current legal collateral to limit breach liability.
  • Our accountant specific cloud desktop security tool with done for you onboarding and on-demand support.
  • A technical and legal breach response service to assist you in the event of a breach.
  • A genuine 20% discount on cyber shield insurance.

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Practice Protect has certified these Accounting firms as following Cloud Best Practice

Get the legal, technical, and educational policies in place to prevent a breach.

Your Practice Protect Bundle Includes…

Our Industry Specific Cloud Security Tool

which puts the firm back in control of access and gives all staff a single password to manage and a single screen to access all firm applications.

20% Cyber Insurance Premium Savings

(of at least 20% through our risk partner Accountancy Insurance) and templates that enable you to tick the right boxes with insurance companies that are requiring greater levels of demonstrable cyber security compliance.

Third Party Data Access & Staff Internet Policy Documents

that set expectations with staff and external third parties on their data hygiene responsibilities so your breach liability is limited in the event a team member goes rogue or a third party mishandles your data.

Data Breach Response Plan

that serves as a reference point for best practice (as per new Mandatory Breach Legislation) in the event you do have a breach.

Cloud Best Practice (CBP) Endorsement Certificate

that positions your firm as a leader in online privacy by certifying you have the technology, training, and policies in place to protect client data in the cloud. Use your CBP Badge in advertising as a competitive advantage.

Data Breach Response Hotline

manned by specialist legal and IT professionals who help you establish your systems, fulfil your obligations, and manage any threats.

Client Engagement Letter

that communicates your firm’s proactive approach to protecting client privacy and gives you a competitive advantage by positioning your firm as a leader in online privacy.

Staff Training Program

that equips your team to comply with the Privacy Commissioner (OAIC)’s guidelines in protecting your client data.

Get on with doing business as a responsible data custodian with our ‘done for you’ solution to protecting your firm.

Safeguard Your Firm and Clients With Certified Legal Protection

Do you feel confident answering questions about your online security and see it as a competitive advantage against other firms?

Have you given your entire team the tools and training on cloud best practice when it comes to protecting your and your clients’ privacy online?

In today’s data security climate you need proven tools and training to protect cloud apps containing TFNs, financial information, super fund details, entity structures, payroll information, your company IP and other commercially sensitive data.

How Practice Protect Helps You and Your Clients

Practice Protect is the easy way for your firm to gain a recognised industry endorsement, certifying your technology, training and policies protect your clients’ privacy.

Not just certainty over your cloud security, it gives you the opportunity to position your firm as a cyber-savvy data custodian, serious about protecting client privacy.

The Accounting Security Consultation

Request a Free Cloud Security Consultation with an online privacy expert, during which you will…

Get a crystal-clear picture of the potential vulnerabilities in your current cloud security processes. (including the risks from hackers, ex-staff, partners and suppliers, and inadequate internal procedures including weak and duplicate passwords)

Gain clarity over what you’d like to achieve in terms of data security (and a realistic plan to get there).

Experience the features and benefits of Practice Protect through an informative demonstration.

Explore your options for becoming a responsible data custodian so you can control access to your cloud data, protecting your staff from online scams, safeguard your clients from TFN hacking, and position your firm as a leader in cyber-security.

Protect your and your clients’ privacy and position your firm as a leader in cyber security. The Accounting Security Consultation will consist of the best strategic advice our team can supply specific to your unique situation.

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